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Envelopments® - Mix and Match Design
Envelopments® can be purchased per piece for your own do-it-yourself announcements or Cherish Paperie can custom design the perfect piece for your event. Contact us for more information. Visit our Design Gallery for ideas. See our sizes, colors, prices or ordering page for product information.
Envelopments® FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


Can I buy Envelopments® to make my own invitation?

A: Of course! download our PDF order form or you can order online using our shopping cart or contact us for help in ordering.

Are the prices listed on your "Gallery" page for a complete invitation? Why isn't printing & assembly listed?

No, the prices listed are just for the blank Envelopments® stocks for So-it-yourselfers. We choose just to list the blank stock prices here since each invitation is unique. Printing and assembly costs vary greatly depending on quantity printed, print process used (i.e. Laser, Color Laser, Offset, Thermography, Letterpress, Foil) and complexity of the design.

I liked an invitation on your gallery page... Do the Invitations come printed and assembled? Can I assemble myself to save money?

Invitations can be quoted a number of different ways,
1. Complete Invitation: We can design and print and assemble for you, you receive the completed invitation ready to mail out to your guests.
2. No Assembly: We can design and print the cards and you will get them cut to size and ready for you to assemble.**
3. DIY: You can purchase the blank full size sheets or cut cards and you can run them though your printer and assembly yourself.

** See our HOW TO assembly instuctions to get a better idea of what is involved. Please contact us for a complete quote.

I liked an invitation on your gallery page... Do I have to buy what is shown or can it be changed?

Envelopments® is a mix-and-match line of papers so anything you see on our gallery can be changed...colors..size...fonts...number of inserts - everything can be changed or modified to fit your taste and budget! The Gallery images shown are just examples of invitations we have designed in the past, to show what *can* be done and help jumpstart your own creativity.

Can I send you artwork I have already done for my invitations and have you print it?

No, we do not accept artwork ready for print - we are a foremost a design firm and offer the printing and assembly services as a courtesy to our customers.

What is the ordering process/timeline once I place and order for a complete invitation ensemble?

This ordering timeline is a idealized version of the process your actual time frame may vary:

Week 1: You send in your order and receive a confirmation email. You will receive an email with a Acrobat PDF proof in approximately 5-10 business days. If you have Adobe's Acrobat Reader we can proof you job via Acrobat PDF. This will give the most accurate view of your job. If you don't have it but would like to get it here is a link to download the free Acrobat Reader from the Adobe Website. This is a 4.6MB download which will take approximately 15-20 minutes using a 56K modem.

Week 2: You send in any changes or corrections to the invitations and we send a revised proof back to you (this can go back and forth a number of times with changes).

Week 3: The invitation is almost complete - all major changes and corrections are finished - we send a printed mockup of the invitation for your review to check the paper, colors, etc. You let us know immediately if anything is incorrect or still needs to be changed.

Week 4: You have approved the final copy for print - we send the job to production to be printed and assembled (no other changes can be made after the invitation is approved for print). Your invitations are usually shipped out to you the same week and you will receive a FedExShip shipping notice to your email address when the package has left our facility.

Can you print and assemble the Envelopments® for me?

Yes! The prices on our site are for do-it-yourself projects, meaning you will get the plain cardstocks, papers and Envelopments® as blank, seperate pieces for you to assemble. We would be happy to put together a custom annoucement for you using the Envelopments® line. Prices for custom work (Envelopments®, design, printing and assembly) is quoted on a project by project basis, please contact us.

Can I run the card stocks, papers and translucents through my printer?

Envelopments, Inc. chooses "printer friendly" stocks to be in the line, however it is your responsibility to test your printer with the Envelopments® line to ensure it can handle printing on the stock you desire. Laser Printers - Most of the smooth stocks are laser printer compatible. The textured cards stock may have difficulties as the toner will not "stick" to some textured stocks. Ink Jet Printers - Ink Jet printers print most of the Envelopment line perfectly, however some inkjets will "bleed" onto the paper depending on your printer and the amount of ink it puts out. Off-Set Printers - Offset printing works well for all of the Envelopments® line, contact your local printer before-hand to discuss printing options.

Do I need to use outer envelopes when mailing Envelopments®?

While not required, it is highly recommened that you use an outer envelope. Using an outer envelope will ensure that the contents will not be destroyed and that any loose pieces will not get lost. We also highly recommend getting your invitation Hand Cancelled by the post office so it isn't subject to their automated machine, which sometimes rips the edges of these thicker envelopes.

Do you give out samples?

See pricing policies section on our pricing page.

What is your refund/exchange policy?

See pricing policies section on our pricing page.

How quickly can I receive my Envelopment products?

If you are ordering blank stock, product are usually shipped from our Southern California wareshouse within 2-5 days. Allow at least 1 full day for order processing before shipping. Expedited orders still need 1 full day to process the order before they are shipped - contact us if you need something by a particular date.

If you are ordering a complete invitation ensemble and Custom Programs is designing and printing from you please allow at least 4 weeks in order to allow for proofing and a printed mock-up to be sent out to you. Please see our design process page to find out more.